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Producion Designers are - according to the script and in coordination with Producers and Directors - responsible for designing the overall look of a film. Their ideas, their definition of the milieu, their color concepts, designs and proposed locations are a vital foundation for all the other people adding to the look of the film-frame. more


Due to the somewhat small size of art departments in Austria, the German word "Szenenbild Assistenz" could also be translated into many different jobs, as these assistants here are so called "jacks-of-all-trades": Art Director, Set Designer, Draughtsperson, Graphic Designer, Location Scout, Set Decorator, Art Department Coordinator, Construction Coordinator, Art Deparment Assistant, ...


Costume Designers are responsible for the creation and making of the costumes for a film. During the design process they collaborate with the Director, Production Designer, Makeup Designer and the Actors. more


They assist the Costume designers in an accomplishing, continuing, supporting and sometimes self dependent way, and help them during the process of creation, planning, making and organisation of the costumes.


The job of a Prop Master in Austria* (!) is in the research and organisation of all the necessary props, furniture, plants, cars, items ... needed for the dressing of a set. Production Designers create the look of the rooms / scenes and propsose certain ways of dressing, the Prop Master looks for the items necessary.
The budget necessary for all these items is calculated and controlled by the Production Designer and Prop Master together, but the Prop Master alone is responsible for their organisation and delivery.

* Art Departments in Austria are often alot smaller then in other countries, a Prop Master here also has duties normally overseen by a Prop Buyer or a Set Decorator.
We are aware of the fact that a Prop Master normally "only" oversees the props handled by actors, or that s/he can be the boss of a full crew of it's own (including a Buyer, drivers, sculptors, ...). When we discuss "Requisiten" (props) in Austria, it can be anything from small furniture, props, pictures, plants, drapery, decorations, animals to vehicles in a film.


The object of a Standby Prop is the dressing and supervision of a set during the actual shooting, according to the wishes of the Director, Production Designer, Prop Master and the Director of Photography.
S/he is responsible for the continuity of the set dressing and props.


The Wardrobe administers all the costumes necessary during a film shoot. S/he is responsible for their attentive handling, caring and reparing and makes sure, that every costume is ready for it's actor in time. Very often the Wardrobe becomes a kind of confident to the actor during dressing and preparation for a scene, part of their job description is therefore the gentle handling of conceitedness of all kind.

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